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Tidy Space.
Happy Mind.

Getting you on track in a positive and uplifting way!



Sage & Stone Mindful Solutions

We believe that the way you arrange your space has a direct impact on your mental wellbeing.


Here at Sage & Stone Mindful Solutions we are a female founded company, passionate about giving you peace of mind.

As Certified Ultimate Professional Organizers, Feng Shui Specialists, and Home Stagers, we are fully insured and stand out from the rest, offering you a multitude of services to transform your spaces.

It's so much more than just about being organized. Your belongings are an extension of you, and the way you organize them is a reflection of what's going on in your life. If you feel overwhelmed by clutter, but don't want to spend hours trying to declutter and organize your home, we're here to help.


We'll work with you to create a space that helps you feel balanced and centered in your day-to-day life. Whether that means bringing in feng shui principles or just making sure all of your stuff has its own place, we'll get it done.


Our professional organizers have the experience to help you create a space that will help you achieve positive mental wellbeing—all without having to lift a finger!


Image by Marissa Grootes

Professional Organizing

Let’s get your space organized, from playrooms, to office spaces, and everything in between!

Healing Stones

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is about balancing Chi, or energy, in your home and office space and bringing in lots of positive energy!




“Katie is the person you never knew you needed in your life. Bringing Katie into my life was the best decision I ever could have made.  Her professional approach and depth of talent has brought significant improvement in how I manage my life and she took care of me as a person through the process.”

Ryan L

“She (Katie) brings intangible help we are all in so desperate need of, to feel better in our lives - encouragement, support, energy and love.”


“S&S brings immediate, practical solutions to help you manage your life better - organization, systems, efficiencies and overall improvements in life and home management.”


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